KITCHEN TABLE PARENT COACHING - Rebecca Golightly-White - Parenting Coach
What people are saying...

Rebecca was so amazing and flexible with my and my husband's schedule. We met with her weekly in a personalized parenting class that really changed my life. I absolutely think every parent should take love and logic parenting class. I appreciate Rebecca's flexibility and knowledge of children and how to effectively raise happy kids. Without Rebecca, we as a family would not be where we are today. I now have the skills to be an effective parent and I have a much happier child. Thank Rebecca!

L.R. - Parent Coaching Client

Thank you so much for everything.  You taught us to be better parents.  It was amazing to learn techniques to raise kids effectively.  I appreciate you so much!!  Everything we learned has worked so well.

Parent Coaching Client

Ms. Golightly was a professional preschool teacher and wonderful childcare provider.  She really got to know each student and knew how to address their unique talents and specific needs.  Through the Love and Logic method, she enhanced each preschooler's independence, built a close and loving relationship with each student and helped each one develop a sense of responsibility.  Moreover, she solved many behavior problems and helped to heal broken relationships for some families.

L.C. Preschool Parent

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